Anguished Fans Beg Tennis Star Simona Halep Not to Have Breast Reduction Surgery

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Teen tennis phenom Simona Halep has two things going for her – her incredible tennis chops and her youth – and two things going against her: her breasts.

The 17-year old tennis star, originally from Romania, is slated for a breast reduction surgery in the fall, to reduce her greatest handicap – a pair of 34DD breasts, the weight of which, she says, are hampering her game.

While perhaps worthy of a news story or two, the situation has achieved international incident status as howls of anguish and outrage from her – or rather their – fans, are being heard around the world. There is even talk of an online petition, begging her to spare the most beloved set in tennis since Andre and Steffi.

Those who are keeping abreast of the situation through online comments are already making their voices heard, and the score seems to be 2 Love.

“Noooo…. there are so many professions where huge breasts are badly needed…. Please, Simona, do not do it!” begged one fan of the pair.

“There’s a shortage of perfect breasts in this world. It would be a pity to damage yours,” exhorted another.

Added a third “And there goes the only two reasons to watch tennis.”

Wow, apparently we haven’t come a long way, baby.

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