When Grownups Can’t Say “Hell”

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I had a conversation today, with a grown woman.

And during this conversation she said to me, and I kid you not…

“It’s been the day from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks”

Omygawd – I haven’t heard that term since junior high – maybe longer ago.

I can’t believe that came out of a grown woman’s mouth, without a hint of irony or self-mockery.

2 thoughts on “When Grownups Can’t Say “Hell”

  1. Uh, coming from the woman who whisper-swears, that is a funny observation MOM!!! And I still can’t say “butt” in front of you without garnering a dirty look. Perhaps you should have gotten this woman’s Mothers phone number, you two probably would’ve hit it off. Or better yet, get me her phone number and we can start a support group, “The daughters of no profanity”

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