The California Tea Party

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No, it’s not a new political party, although maybe it should be.

I have just discovered Harney teas, and am blown away.

Harney teas are to teas as Penzey herbs are to herbs.

The aroma and bouquet of the *dried* teas, even before steeping, are just incredible. It’s like smelling the finest potpourri; open a tin of Harney’s tea and it’s like walking through a garden after a fresh morning rain. Absolutely incredible.

Incredible enough that I willingly shelled out $7.00 for a tin of 20 bags at the Starbucks concession in a local Barnes and Noble (in my defense, each bag makes two cups). You can get 50-bag tins for $19.00, and also loose leaf for less, at

Do it.

Your tea-loving self will be glad that you did.

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