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How to Clean and Fix Your Le Creuset Black Enamel Interior (comments)
Here's how to deal with the sticky, shiny, or glazed spots on your Le Creuset interior black enamel.

Are Immaculate Baking Company Biscuits Vegan or Vegetarian? We Get the Answer Plus Info on KFC Biscuits and Pillsbury Biscuits (comments)
If you are vegetarian, as am I, or vegan, you may have found yourself wondering whether Immaculate Baking Company's biscuits are vegetarian, owing to the listing of "natural flavor" in the ingredients. Same for KFC biscuits (Kentucky Fried Chicken). The thing is, "natural flavor" or "natural flavoring" (or "flavour" or "flavouring") in a list of ingredients is often code for "animal derived product". And not just animal derived, like milk, but dead animal derived, like chicken fat or bacon grease.

Here’s What Moon Juice Means by a Small Spoonful or Heaping Spoonful (comments)
Moon Juice, purveyor of incredible plant-sourced edible dusts and powders to enhance beauty, spirit, sleep, brain function, and even sex, ships their powders and dusts with instructions to use either a "small spoonful," a "spoonful," or a "heaping spoonful." But what exactly do they mean by a "spoonful"? Is it a teaspoon? A tablespoon? Something else? Well, I found out directly from MoonJuice.

Where to Buy Krokaner (Bridge Cookie) Pans in 2015 (comments)
Whether you call them Krokaner or Kro Kaner cookies, Krokta, Bridge cookies, Saddle cookies, or even Horse Collar cookies, the odds are good that you ended up here because you are trying to find the Krokaner Pans (or Krokaner tins) and can't find them anywhere. Of course part of the problem is that they go by so many names, but the real problem is that they are impossible to find anywhere in the U.S. - unless you know where to look.

Finnish Rye Bread Recipe from My Youth (This article has 1 comment)
I have searched for this recipe for decades. This recipe was given to my father, when I was a child, by his dear friends, Richard "Dick" Merrifield, and Dick's wife, Lennie Merrifield. I have such fond memories of my father and I making it at our home in Putney, Vermont, him teaching me how to knead the dough. I had always thought that it was called 'democrate' (pronounced "democratie") but it turns out that it is "democradie". I know this, because a few years ago I found Dick and Lennie's daughters, Afton and Sienna, on Facebook, and Sienna had the recipe and gave it to me! (Thank you, Sienna!)

Quick List of Conscious Cleanse Allowed Foods (comments)
Having just posted the list of Conscious Cleanse forbidden foods, I thought I'd also post a quick list of Concious Cleanse allowed foods. As with the other list, you can screen shot this list so that you can have it with you when you are shopping, or eating out.

The List of Conscious Cleanse Forbidden Foods (This article has 1 comment)
If you are doing the Conscious Cleanse, here the list of Conscious Cleanse forbidden foods (well, the beauty of the Conscious Cleanse is that nothing is actually forbidden, but this is the list of foods to avoid on the Conscious Cleanse).

When is the Dunkin Donuts in Boulder Opening (comments)
If you are wondering "when does the Dunking Donuts in Boulder open?", wonder no more. I have it straight from the horse's mouth.

The Best Fruitcake Recipe – and It’s a Non Alcoholic Fruitcake Recipe! (comments)
This is the best fruit cake recipe ever. And it's an alcohol free fruit cake recipe, too, even though it's one that you baste and let age and cure! Yummy, aged, and non-alcoholic. What more could you ask of a fruitcake?

Annie’s Blueberry Honey Almond Semolina Muffins (comments)
These yummy Blueberry Honey Almond Semolina muffins have a scone-like texture - they are delicious warm from the oven with butter and honey, or some peanutbutter!