Recurring Bladder Infections Caused by Post-Menopause Sex

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Got what seems like a chronic bladder infection (also known as a urinary tract infection, or “UTI” for short)? Are you a woman of, er, a certain age? Because if you are near, in, or post menopause, and experience frequent urinary tract infections – as in “I can’t believe I get a UTI every time I have sex” – it turns out that one of the top frequent urinary tract infection causes in women over a certain age is, well, having frequent sex!

That’s right – it seems that the UTI – sex link is stronger than ever in women who are of menopause age. As in, every time you have sex it could leave to a bladder infection! Good bye, birth-control, hello recurring bladder infection.


So if you have what seems like constantly reoccuring bladder infections after constantly reoccuring sex, well, that’s the reason!

And, it turns out, according to my doctor (not, ahem, that I am saying that I am anywhere near that age!), this is not only well known, but there is a prophylactic protocol to avoid “frequent sex = chronic bladder infection” syndrome.

Here, in my doctor’s own words, is the protocol:

“We recommend that you empty your bladder before and after intercourse, increase fluid intake for several hours after each intercourse, avoid anal intercourse, and take a single dose of an antibiotic such as Septra-DS, Cipro, Macrobid, etc. before or after each intercourse. If the problem persists, a urologist should be consulted.”

Wow. Isn’t menopause supposed to be the time of carefree sex? I mean, for the woman?

6 thoughts on “Recurring Bladder Infections Caused by Post-Menopause Sex

  1. I am one of those women who is subject to a uti as well after sex. It is very frustrating to say the least. I take a dose of macrobid after sex. My question is, is there anyone out there who still feels like they have a bladder infection but it isn’t one. I have pain during urination. But no infection. I do know that I probably need to increase my water intake as well. Any comments out there?

  2. If you get frequent bladder infections( i get them alot) you don’t always have to take macrobid or soemthing after you have sex.
    What is an easy method to control the bladder infections is, after having sex pee right away. Peeing before you have sex usually doesn’t help because depending on the length of the sex, you probably won’t have enough urin to urinate after sex. Drink a full large glass of water after going pee. Just down in. You’ll have to go pee in 30 minutes BUT it well help rid the bacteria quickley from your body. Also , make sure it’s clean when you have sex.
    If you get the feeling you have a bladder infection but don’t heres what to do. After you have sex there is about a 3 day time limit that i use. Drink non-carbonated drinks (like pop ect) for 3 days. IF you DO NOT get a bladder infection in that time frame, you won’t get one.

  3. An remdy for the UIT is D-Mannose. Look it up. It is safe and at the health food store. It doesn’t allow bactria to live in the bladder. Can be taken daily as a preventative or with an acute UTI.

  4. my doctor has me take macrobid before i have sex. but i am concerned if i have sex 3 times a day should i take macrobid 3 times a day?

  5. Well,welcome to the club,I have the same problem,and was told the same.I mean who wants to take a pill after having sex all the time.No if you have sex 3 times a day you dont take the pill 3 times.Sometimes I dont get them after sex but its a ritual you have to go through before and after.Washing your area clean and he needs to do the same before sex, also you have to use a lubricant.Drink fluids is very helpful before hand since you need to empty the bladder before hand.I had never heard of this common problem either until I went through the whole process,unlunckly us huh? This can be a problem for married women sometimes their partner thinks they just dont want sex or dont desire them and its not that at all,but anyone who has ever had a uti knows very well its no fun.Wonder why we never heard of this common problem before.So,it all made sense to me on how when I was younger how women who got older did not want to have sex often(the myth),it isnt because they didnt want it,it was because if they did it hello uti.No sex no uti.So,I am gonna go to the health food store and get me some D-Mannose and do what you suggested for that 3 day after time period non carb drinks,hopefully that will help.Thanks for sharing any help we can get is a good thing.

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