Letting Go

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“Letting Go”

My mind goes where my heart
dares not; feelings and logic;

My heart whispers
“hold on; forever is forever,
and your life and his are as one,
hearts entwined.
Forever shall your souls be
married in a bond that no man
nor decree can break.”

My mind – cold, calculating,
“there exists no bond by one.
No-one is to another without
a mutual desiring. He belongs
not to you, nor to your dreams.
Sever the ties of fancy, and go
forth into a barren existence.”

But my love is mine,
and like a broken child I gather it,
tenderly to my breast,
promises in soothing tones
“no-one shall take you from me.
I shall nurture you and cherish you
and make you whole again.
And we shall live within,
together forever, til death do us part.”

And I smile,
content for my heart is whole,
and we shall be ever one.

Or shall we?

Sweet promises whispered
for nought?

From my very embrace have
you been stolen
And through fingers pried loose
by mind’s callous truths
have you flown.

Where are you now?

Anne P. Mitchell
December, 1986

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