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If You Want to Change the World… Love a Man (comments)
This is the companion poem to "If you want to change the a woman," by Lisa Citore.

Back from the Word Processing Course I Say to My Old Typewriter (comments)
I have been searching for this poem for years and years. I first read it in an undergraduate poetry class, decades ago. I had it in a file on a computer many years ago, but lost the file. I was astonished that I couldn't find it online, only to realize tonight that I had been searching for "back from the word processor" and it is actually "back from the word processing course."

If You Want to Change the World… Love a Woman (comments)
This poem, "If You Want to Change the World... Love a Woman", is truly one of the most amazing, touching, incredible poems that I have read in a long time. The author (link to her website below) so accurately captures *so* much, it moved me to tears in some places, and caused me to shake my head in wonder in others. This is a poem to be treasured by women, and shared with all men.

Dichotomies of Time (comments)
"Dichotomies of Time" Time - So intangible; yet so real - Elusive, persuasive; interminable, fleeting - Stands between us; lays before us - Swift of wing while together; an eternity while apart - Transcends all pain; offers promise of joy - To plan ahead ...

Untitled (comments)
Such emptiness wells up inside Search in vain, someplace to hide. Betrayal to the heart is plunder, Soul and spirit rent assunder. Looking for love's shelter gone, Chilling dusk of setting sun. The barren sea laps at the shore, Emploring, pleading - love me more. The moon rains down its pale ...

Letting Go (comments)
"Letting Go" My mind goes where my heart dares not; feelings and logic; tug-of-war. My heart whispers "hold on; forever is forever, and your life and his are as one, hearts entwined. Forever shall your souls be married in a bond that no man nor decree can break." My mind - cold, ...

New Category on Mange Merde: Poetry (comments)
As some of you may have noticed, I've added a new category to Mange Merde: Poetry. This isn't to say that my poetry is necessarily worthy of critical acclaim (or even your attention), but I figured that it at least deserves to see the light of day.