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At Last, a Condom for Women Who Just Want to Avoid the Whole Thing (This article has 2 comments)
At last, a condom for women who just want to avoid the whole thing.

Imodium Runs with a Poor Choice of Words (comments)
Imodium, the anti-diarrheal product, must be using the same clue-impaired ad agency that brought us the "Welcome to the Coke Side of Life" ad.

Welcome to the Coke side of life (This article has 3 comments)
Who is the stupid marketing wonk who came up with Coke's new slogan, "Welcome to the Coke side of life"?

The ultimate truth in advertising? (comments)
In a new ad campaign which would be worthy of the Onion, if only it weren't an actual campaign, the fast food chain Wendy's has a new advertisement out which pictures two sandwiches clearly containing some sort of meat, with a caption which ...