Why We Homeschool

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Recently I was asked why we homeschool – about our reasons aside from “the public school system sucks”, and such.

And here is how I answered:

We homeschool because we know that the homeschooling option stands head and shoulders above any other alternative.

We homeschool because nobody – *nobody* – will care as much about your own child’s education as will you.

We homeschool because nobody can know how better to teach to your own child’s unique learning style – to make sure that they understand and can internalize key concepts, than can you.

We homeschool because our child is very smart, and very gregarious, and he would have been bored in a more uniform learning setting, and being bored, he would have acted up, gotten into trouble, and been labelled.

We homeschool because it allows us to help ensure that our child grows up in a safe, wholesome, nurturing environment, where the social risks, while not eradicated, are at least reduced, and we can keep a better eye on what is going on, in a society where guns, drugs, alcohol and sex are rampant in schools – and that’s just in the middle schools!

We homeschool because we have a son, and as such he is in one of the most discriminated-against groups in this country today – white males – and perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in this country’s school system, where (last I researched) fully 10% of all children in public schools were on Ritalin, and *80%* of those were boys – where their “condition” for which they were being drugged was that genetic malady known more commonly as “being a boy.” Funny how a prescription of “just running around and running energy off” works so much better. We give him that medicine.

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  1. Oh I applaud this so much, and I agree with those reasons. I feel strongly about homeschooling my daughter for these and other reasons.
    I will also not put my 2 boys in a public school, where the system punishes them for having been born male.

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