Why I Love My Sidekick and WordPress

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These very words that you are reading now, and the penultimate post with the picture of the Starbucks fashion horse, are why I love the combination of my Sidekick and WordPress ‘blog by email’ function.
As I write and post this, I am doing 70mph down Highway 24, headed on our way to try a new raw food restaurant in Berkeley (chauffered by my indulgent husband).
Blogging from the road (litereally) rocks, it just doesn’t get any more real time than this!

2 thoughts on “Why I Love My Sidekick and WordPress

  1. I’ve been doing similar things on my blog, Anne. Well, in my case, blog = Creativity Journal (which is really just a blog.) I’ve been using my Treo 650 to capture images, then write about them while I’m on a business trip. You can see ’em at http://www.lytspeed.com/cj.asp, if you’re interested. Just move back through the entries using the “Previous Post” links.

  2. Um, could you say that was 65, dear? Just in case the CHP are reading…

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