What is WRONG with people???

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Geezus!!! What is WRONG with people???

Now, we all know that breastfeeding confers all sorts of health benefits and immunities, right? But it does *not* keep you safe from your mother being a MORON and breastfeeding you WHILE DRIVING THE CAR!!!!!


Honest to gawd!!!

It’s people like this bimbo, and I use the term advisedly, who give women/breastfeeders/Christians/drivers/husbands/humans/you-name-it a bad name.

It takes a village idiot.


1 thought on “What is WRONG with people???

  1. You really need to experience the joy and rapture that is Japanese Cyclopathic Mums.

    Given other posts, I would probably have to restrain you from attempting to beat sense into them. But not too hard ^^;

    Mums on bikes with 2 kids on holding an umbrella while riding are the least of the scares.

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