What Does This Word Mean?

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Quick – what do you think this word means? No fair looking it up! I want to know what you think it means!

Points for the best definition (correct or not!)

The word is:


5 thoughts on “What Does This Word Mean?

  1. tuberosity — adj.

    1) possessing the qualities of a tuber or bearing a resemblance thereto. Ex.: “Mr. Potato head exhibits righteous tuberosity, Man!”

    2) something to do with tubers and/or tubes.

    3) something to do with the tuberose flower.

    4) something to do with tuberculosis (ick; I hope not)

    5) general or specific tuby-ness, as in “Tuby or not tuby…”

    xoxo — cwb

  2. Tuberosity –

    1. Never having left the 80s, referring to everything as “tubular.” As in, “Buffy is exhibiting extreme tuberosity. She just told me my leg warmers were totally tubular!”
    2. Having or possessing a large amount of tubes, as in “Our marble track is taking over the playroom. It’s tuberosity is alarming!”

  3. Aha! I know this one. I have a secret contact inside NASA, who tells me that there is a very active space travel program involving a uniquely innovative propulsion device, powered by potatoes. Apparently they’re ejected from the rear of the craft, and Newton’s Third being Newton’s Third, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

    There’s some final tuning being done, to determine the superiority of Yukon Gold over Russet, and then they’ll be off to the stars. Of course, to leave earth’s orbit they’ll have to overcome the gravitation pull, and will do that by exceeding the escape tuberosity…

    Thank you, thank you. I’m here all week.

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