That Microsoft Digg Advertising Deal

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I’ve been thinking a lot about that Microsoft Digg advertising deal that was announced last week. You know, the one where Digg agreed to let Microsoft – not really known for their stellar advertising network – have an exclusive for all advertising real estate on Digg.

With Digg getting an estimated 17 million visitors a month, and Microsoft being the weakest of the ad networks, clearly the one who stood the most to gain from this was Microsoft.

The only thing I can figure is, Ballmer must have blown Kevin Rose.

Speaking of which, how about their plan to screw the consumer by scraping your hard drive and serving you ads right on your own home PC – nice, eh?

1 thought on “That Microsoft Digg Advertising Deal

  1. Microsoft… ah yes. The bumble-bushers in more than just advertising and software ‘hehe’.

    Yeah, has a funny clip on Microsoft’s ads, mainly the first place I heard about M$ not exactly being very good at les avertissements.

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