Ken Lay: Heart Attack? Or Suicide?

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Can I really be the only person whose first thought upon seeing the CNN newsflash that “Ken Lay was found dead of an apparent heart attack” was that the “apparent” sure was suspicious? That the statement by the Lay family spokesperson was unbelievably terse and unforthcoming?

That maybe he committed suicide?

C’mon, the guy was awaiting sentencing on 10 felony charges. The odds of him not doing prison time were infinitesimal.

And just days before, the Feds had just asked the judge to require Lay to disgorge more than $40million that they said he received as a result of the crimes of which he was convicted.

At age 64, he was unlikely to ever leave prison once there. And he’d have to give all that money back.

Now he has avoided prison, and the money can go to his wife and family (when a defendant who pleaded not guilty dies before sentencing, the conviction is often wiped out because the defendant did not have an opportunity to appeal).

I’m just sayin’.

3 thoughts on “Ken Lay: Heart Attack? Or Suicide?

  1. Hmmmmm, which leaves an interesting question – suicide for the love of his family, or due to selfishness? The ultimate sacrifice, or refusal to own up to what you did?

  2. Considering the fact that he’s being cremated, and that the memorial service is being held in Aspen (where he doesn’t actually live), it certainly does smell a little funny to me. (No cremation pun intended, but I’ll give it a good home.)

    /It’s official … I’m going to Hell.

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