I’m not Soliciting, I’m Advertising

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Honest to gawd, I just had the following exchange, word for word, with a product of our school system – which once again illustrates why we homeschool:

[Unknown woman walks up to our front door, flyer in hand, and rings doorbell – unaware that I’ve seen her through our front window]

Ding Dong!

Me (through closed door): Yes, who is it?

Woman (in tone of voice as if we are long-time friends): It’s Evelyn!

Me: Evelyn who?

Woman (in tone of voice as if I really ought to recognize her): Evelyn Martinez!

Me: What can I do for you, Evelyn Martinez?

Woman (now switching tone as clearly the fake friend thing isn’t working, as I haven’t opened the door): Are you the lady of the house?

Me: We don’t accept solicitors here.

Woman: I’m not soliciting, I’m advertising.

Badump bum.

1 thought on “I’m not Soliciting, I’m Advertising

  1. I don’t see a problem – soliciting is very different from advertising. The latter involves an educational message about products and services, while the former involves hookers.

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