Grapple: Apple + Grape = Disappointment

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Have you heard about the Grapple (pronounced, they say, “Grape-L”, although every time I see that I think of a vintner’s mailing list). The Grapple is, I’d heard, a hybridized apple crossed with a grape (“Must have been a pretty big grape, haw haw,” I can hear the redneck contingent saying).

Intrigued – in that morbid, can’t tear your eyes away from an accident sort of way – I just had to try the Grapple just to see what it was like.

So, seeing a 4-pack of Grapples at the store, I bought them. I was – curious. As i opened the package, the smell hit me first. It smelled like… a cross between, hmmm, grape Kool-aid and Grape Crush. With maybe a little bit of grape cough syrup thrown in.

The point was, this was not a grape smell that came from nature.

Then we actually looked at the ingredients.

“Apples, Natural & Artificial Grape Flavor”


Or, more to the point, ewwwww.

Still, I’d bought the things, and so we had to try them. Once we got past the smell.

And, in fact, the smell was all there was.

“Do you actually taste any grape?” asked our son.

“No, do you?”


The smell – artificial at that – seemed to be all there was that was even remotely grape-like about these poor, abused Fuji apples.

So how do they do whatever it is they do? (And for the sake of all that is holy, why do they do it??)

Says the Grapple site, “This Patent Pending process is complex and the ingredient mix primarily includes concentrated grape flavor and pure water. All ingredients are USDA and FDA approved and the process has been licensed by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. There is nothing but flavor being infused into the Fuji apple. The apple takes on no additional sugars or calories. They are not genetically altered in any way.
The apple is as healthy as ever but now has the new exciting grape flavor.”

Best as I can tell, and I see nothing to refute it above, they have sprayed otherwise perfectly nice apples with a mixture of grape flavour and artifical grape flavour.

Final analysis?

Don’t bother.

Unless, of course, you’re morbidly curious.

The Grapple, from the Evil Orchard of Dr. Moreau:

3 thoughts on “Grapple: Apple + Grape = Disappointment

  1. aaaaaaaaaa – can’t ….help ….myself. Must …have ….merchandise ….in …attractive ….packaging …..

  2. I actually found the apple to be quite good. It was very sweet and very juicy with hints of grape flavorings. From what I’ve read they soak the apples for a couple days in a marinade of grape flavor and water. I don’t really care for the artificial flavorings but if my son likes them, he’s welcome to have them because like most kids he doesn’t eat enough fruit and gets way too little fiber.

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