Get My Articles to Your Cell Phone – Free!

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Ok, check this out! You can get all of the best of my articles – from here, and The Internet Patrol (with a little Adventures in Raw Food thrown in) – free – direct to your cell phone!

The site which provides this nifty service is called Plusmo. When you click on the image of the cell phone over there to the right – the one with my picture on it – it will take you to the Plusmo site. There you will be prompted to let them send their little software app to your phone – it’s completely easy and safe, I did it myself before I set this up – and it is so cool!

Once you give them your information, you will get a text message on your phone which asks permission to install the Plusmo application. It’s basically a very tiny text-based browser, which will put the articles right on your phone – in a very easy to read, very browsable form.

It’s awesome!

You can add other article feeds to it too, of course, but..well, start with mine. 🙂

Go on, click on the phone on the right. You know you want to.

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