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I have no idea why this car is in the state it’s in. Perhaps you do? And yes, that’s Saran wrap…lots and lots of Saran wrap.

4 thoughts on “Create Your Own Caption

  1. Strip mall Clowns. Parking lot rendezvous. Protection from unwanted little bozos showing up 9 months later. ; )

  2. The plastic wrap is the final stage in our exclusive 7-step automobile rejuvenation treatment, which begins with a stimulating Dead Sea salt rub, followed by pore-opening eucalyptus and birch-infused steam, an invigorating herbal tonic and three patented finish-renewing humectant formulae. After the careful application of these refined European spa products, the sound system is programmed to play soothing instrumental music for 90 minutes and the body is wrapped in a protective layer to complete the deep-moisturizing process.

    (To ensure results, leave the Saran Wrap on for good.)

    Mother’s Day gift certificates available!

    xoxo — cwb

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