Comments are Back!

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Oops. I wiped out the comments function.

Thanks for letting me know.

They’re back.

Here are links to the posts that I know you are dying to comment on:

Would You Eat a Chicken’s Ring?

The #1 Killer of that Childlike Sense of Wonder: Photoshop

Visually Impaired? Read This!

The Human Brain is an Amazing Thing – Get Some!

How About I Charge You for My Time?

Do You Know About Bone Models?

Sorry about that. What can I say? I’m a dolt.

1 thought on “Comments are Back!

  1. ou’re no dolt, Annie…when all elese fails, and anything cybernetic goes weird, i just blame Microsoft, because in REALITY it usually has something to do with their critical updates breaking windows.
    glad to see they’re back tho!

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