Church Giving Assault Rifle to One Lucky 15 Year Old

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You know..I can’t even write about this, as it’s so preposterous – so disgusting – yet so…sadly..true.

So here is the link, but of course comments welcome back here:

Baptist Church in Assault Rifle Give-Away

2 thoughts on “Church Giving Assault Rifle to One Lucky 15 Year Old

  1. You know, I was just thinking that we hadn’t had a good school-shooting in awhile. Maybe this semi will find its way into the hands of some teen who is filled with self-hatred because they are homosexual which conflicts with everything that this church is probably teaching them, and maybe if we are really, really, lucky, they will be on Prozac, or something fun. I am pretty sure that is the formula: gun + self-hatred + anti-depressant = school shooting.

  2. I am trying to follow the logic of Jess. I feel part of the problem is the lack of communication and paranoia of the unknown. A lot of the lack of communication is with the child that don’t understand handling of weapons and the responsablily for handling one. These weapons go drasticly outside of just guns. It would include vehicles, obestity, and a host of other things that are just as dangerous or more so. Another part of it is outside individuals that hear stories of these ignorant acts, become startled and forbid more people from understanding how to safely operate the said weapons. Without proper education all of these things are dangerous but who will provide the knowedge to show the proper handling perimitors for safe usage. Example if someone with and alergy is not told the proper way to handle the substance he is alergic to, it is dangerous. If someone has a attention management problem, he looses concentration, everyone sees it, no one acknowleges it, a tragidy happens. Would a little proper education of the afficted and his circle of peers and family helped. Would it hurt to educate the people on how to properly respect and handle weapons be as benificial to all. Maybe it is time for all of us individually to make a effort to learn and understand how to face these problems, not through the government, but by personal comperhension and mentoring

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