Boy Suffers Acid Burn from Lik-M-Aid (Wonka Fun Dip)

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This is true because it happened to our son. If anybody else has had this happen we’d like to know. In May of 2007 our son had a package of Lik-M-Aid (also known as Fun Dip) by Wonka. We never let him have this kind of junk, but he had gone to a store with a friend and returned with it. Within a couple of hours his entire mouth was ringed by an acid burn. That was in Mayseven months ago, and despite numerous dermotologist appointments, and two topical prescriptions later, it still hasn’t gone away. It will seem to start getting better for a few days, then come right back.

For the better part of a year, our son has had an ongoing injury around his mouth that won’t heal due to this Wonka candy. Now he has a small mole on the edge of the injury area, with a hair growing out of it. We will be going back to a dermatologist soon, and hope for the best. Sigh.

If anybody has had any similar experience with this sort of acid burn from candy, please let us know.


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