Atrocities at the Polling Place

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War-torn countries aren’t the only places where atrocities occur where people are voting. And paper ballots aren’t without their own dangers, the concerns over evoting not withstanding.

In discussing this week with some others how I always insist on a paper ballot, I mentioned how rather than a private place to sit and vote, I was directed to a large table in an open area right by the polling line, and the polling assistants. In fact, the polling “docent”, for lack of a better term, was often walking or even standing by me as I was filling out my alledgedly anonymous ballot.

“That’s nothing,” another told me. At the place at which they were voting, they witnessed the poll docent watching over someone’s shoulder as they voted with their paper ballot, and exclaiming “Good choice!”!!!

I don’t even know what else to add to this!

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