A Word by Any Other Word…

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Maybe I’m getting cantankerous – or maybe flat out intolerant – in my old age. But having seen the word “partner” twice used in the past 5 minutes, in two completely unrelated fora, to mean something completely other than what “partner” used to mean, this rant just overflowed.

Remember when “partner” meant the person with whom you were in business?

And remember when “bad” meant not good?

How about when “sick” meant ill?

And hey, remember when “red” and “blue” meant two of the primary colours? And “I’m blue” meant that you were sad?

C’mon, help me out here… I’m sure that you can think of more… is anybody else here longing for the ‘good old days’?

1 thought on “A Word by Any Other Word…

  1. remember when ignorance meant stupid, not president?
    remember when freedom meant freedom, not slavery?
    remember when taxation without representation was a REASON to kick a guy named George to the curb?

    remember when nuclear was pronounced nuclear, rather than Nuke-you-ler?

    remember when making war wasn’t considered making peace?

    remember when gay meant happy?
    most gay folks i’ve met seem to be anything but…

    remember when ….oh fuck it….never mind.

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