38Ds You Can Really Sink Your Teeth Into – Get a Load of These Melons!

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So I’m at my friend’s house one day this spring – I’ll not mention any names, but she can out herself if she wants to – and I notice a bunch of underwire lingerie out drying in the back yard.

“Yeesh,” I think to myself, “they knew we were coming over – I guess I’m glad that they feel comfortable enough around us to leave this stuff out!”

I make a snide remark, and she explains to me that her husband bought them. Off eBay.

For their melons.

That’s right, they planted their garden, and they were planning on training their melon vines up a trellis, and needed some support for those melons.

Now, when you think “melons” and “support”, what do you think of?


So they bought a bunch of used bras from someone on eBay whose.. uh.. melons… apparently did not need the support any longer.

Now, I just had to see this.

And so do you:



2 thoughts on “38Ds You Can Really Sink Your Teeth Into – Get a Load of These Melons!

  1. it is a strange, strange planet!!!
    but ya know, i guess it ain’t THAT weird,,,if they got like couloured lacy ones, well,, then i may start to worry a little….

  2. OK…your title made me read this one! However, you have to let us know what kind of melons these are. There are dozens if not hundred of species of melons in this world. I guess a 54J would work well for a sunflower plant, eh?

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