Annie’s Unusual Swiffer Hacks

My Swiffer hacks are apparently unique to me, which kind of surprises me, as they seem really obvious to me (including how to keep the wet refill wet when mopping, and how to save on wet and duster refills)! Yet if you do a web search for “Swiffer hacks”, every single result is about Swiffer hacks to refill your WetJet bottle, or to use a microfiber cloth instead of the wet refills. (I don’t know about you but I hate microfiber clothes, they just feel so snaggy on my fingers!) Anyways, my Swiffer hacks are different.

The first one is a way to save money by no longer buying the wet refills. The second one is a way to extend the life of the wet refill as you are using it to, you know, mop your floor. The third is all about dusting.

Use Newborn Cloth Diapers Instead of Swiffer Wet Refills

One day I realized that newborn cloth diapers are nearly the exact same size as Swiffer wet refills. Not only that, but while the center part of the diaper (which covers the part of the Swiffer pad that mops the floor) is nice and cushy and absorbent, the pieces on either side are a single thin layer of material, perfect for tucking into the slots!

Newborn Cloth Diapers
newborn diapers

Just get the diaper soaking wet, wring it out, and put it on the Swiffer.

I use these newborn cloth diapers from Amazon, which are $19 for a pack of 12. Not only will you never have to buy wet refills again (and not have to deal with that icky microfiber feel on your fingers, if that’s a thing for you as it is for me) but you’ll find lots of other things for which to use them.

“But Anne,” you may be saying, “What if I actually want a cleaning solution, not just water, to wet mop my floor?”

Read on.

Keep a Spray Bottle of No-Rinse Floor Cleaner with You When Swiffer Mopping

One of the top complaints about the Swiffer wet refills is how quickly they run out of wet. If you do want to keep using the Swiffer wet refills (instead of a diaper), or if you want floor cleaner with your diaper, check out this easy and economical hack.

Fill a spray bottle with no-rinse floor cleaner (after all, that’s what the wet refills have on them).

I use the Members Mark no-rinse floor cleaner, but you can use any no-rinse floor cleaner you like. The Members Mark no-rinse floor cleaner is $30 for 2 gallons on Amazon, but much much cheaper at Sam’s Club (if you have one near you) or from Sam’s Club on Instacart where it is $6 a gallon.

Then, when you are wet-swiffering your floor, when the pad starts to run dry, just spritz some of that no-rinse floor cleaner down on the floor. I keep that spray bottle in one hand, mop with the Swiffer with the other, and I am never frustrated by having too much floor left at the end of the wet.

Use Swiffer Dry Sweep Refills to Dust With

Swiffer sells a duster with duster refills. Those duster refills are $1.25 each! Guess what!? The Swiffer dry sweeping cloths work just as well (in some instances even better) and are just .25 per! Got places or things that you really need that duster to reach and dust? Fine, save your Swiffer duster and pricey duster refills for that, and go to town with the much cheaper dry sweeper cloth for everything else! Plus the dry sweeper cloths are much easier to get into tight places to get all of that dust.

And those are my Swiffer hacks! I hope that at least one of them was useful for you!

Anne’s Tips for How to Get Along with Just One Hand

These are my tips for temporarily (or permanently) living with just one hand. A few weeks ago I broke my wrist (or, rather, had it broken for me). This has meant that I have had a crash course in how to live and get along with the use of only one arm, and just one hand. In addition to my wrist being broken, I had to have surgery on it, and a metal plate put in it, which means that I will not be able to use my left arm at all for at least a total of two months.

At least I have a good story, as when people ask me how I broke my wrist I am able to truthfully answer “dancing!”

In the few short weeks since that fateful night, I have learned a number of tips and tricks (or “hacks”, in Internet parlance) that have made it much, MUCH easier for me to adapt to only being able to use one hand. So I figured I would share them in case others find themselves in the same situation. In fact, I have been sharing some of them on Facebook and people seem to find them useful, or at least interesting.

I will be adding to this regularly, starting with a few tips and then adding others (because hey, doing this one-handed!)

Where applicable I am including links to items, and pictures if useful.

Please feel free to add you own one hand tips in a comment!

Good luck with your one-handed journey, whether temporary or permanent!

Anne’s Tips for Temporarily Living with Just One Hand

Anne’s Tip for Living with Just One Hand #1:
Get this ingenious one-handed jar opener!

This brilliant device is called the Belliclamp Jar & Bottle Opener (Get it? Belly clamp). This is because it is essentially a vise for jars and bottles, and you hold the bottle or jar in place with your belly or hip, freeing up your good hand to twist the top off.

one handed jar opener


one handed bottle opener

You can get the Belliclamp One-handed Jar & Bottle Opener here on Amazon.

Don’t let the anticipated shipping time on the Amazon site scare you, I got mine within a week of ordering it.


Anne’s Tip for Living with Just One Hand #2:
Have your hair washed and braided at the hairdresser

Unless your hair is very short, go to the hairdresser and have them wash your hair for you and then put it in a couple of French braids. You would be amazed at how long your hair will last in this way (I only need to do it about once a week) and your hair will look much nicer, not to mention it being less of a hassle! As a side benefit, it will be much more comfortable sleeping with a braid on either side of your head!

have the hairdresser wash and braid your hair for you


Anne’s Tip for Living with Just One Hand #3:
Modify a big hoodie!

Buy a really big hoodie with a zipper down the front. Cut the cuff off the arm on the side where your cast or splint or a brace or bandage is. The arm of the hoodie, without the cuff, will slide easily over your injured arm, and you can roll the end of the sleeve up a little bit, and roll the cuff on the other sleeve up, and it will be barely noticeable that the two sleeves are different.

And, as an added benefit, pockets!

modify a big hoodie


Anne’s Tip for Living with Just One Hand #4:
Put your food in big Pyrex measuring cups!

Use big Pyrex measuring cups for your food instead of regular bowls and plates, they come with handles!

In the picture below, I have salad in the 4-cup Pyrex measuring cup, and hummus and crackers in the 8-cup Pyrex measuring cup. (Hint: a 2-cup Pyrex measuring cup perfectly holds a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, container and all! ;-))

put your food in big Pyrex measuring cups with handles

You can order a set of 4-cup and 8-cup Pyrex measuring cups together here on Amazon.


Upcoming tips: [Update on 3/10/22: I just realized that I never did the rest of the tips, owing to the fact that shortly after my wrist surgery I found myself having a hip replacement, and then I was caught up in that. But I will try to still get to these tips now that I’ve been reminded – I’m sorry about that!]

Tall deodorant
Simply home trashcan
Light dimmer
Rubber discs
Proxy brushes
Front close bra
Cast cover for shower
Have chef cut up food
Lever door knobs
Dictation software
Pyrex measuring cups with handles
Air fryer
Letter opener
Scissors everywhere
Long handled screwdriver
Weighted tape dispenser