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About those Weird Plastic Pieces from Inside the Front Door Panel of a Bosch Dishwasher (This article has 5 comments)
Earlier this year we had occasion to remove the front door panel of our Bosch dishwasher. The occasion was that it had developed a leak. The bad water inlet valve was easy enough to replace, but wtf were these weird plastic pieces? Now we know...

What is the Lighted Padlock Icon on My Dashboard and Why Won’t My Car Start? (This article has 2 comments)
A couple of days ago my 2017 Subaru Forester wouldn't start. And whenever I tried to start it, it flashed a dashboard light that looked just like a little padlock. That darned padlock dashboard icon had to be something to do with why my Subaru wouldn't start, right? Wrong.

Get My Articles to Your Cell Phone – Free! (comments)
Ok, check this out! You can get all of the best of my articles - from here, and The Internet Patrol (with a little Adventures in Raw Food thrown in) - free - direct to your cell phone! This is through a nifty service called Plusmo.

What is This? (This article has 2 comments)
The first in an unevenly-spaced series of pictures for which we ask you, "What is this?"