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Tax Levy from California? It May be Because You Have a Professional License There (comments)
Did the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) levy your bank account even though you don't live in California? They may have levied your account and taken your money because you maintain an active professional license in California. Even if you haven't lived there in years, if you continue to keep your California professional license active - be it a license to practice law, a medical license, a hairdressing license, or some other license - then California assumes that you owe them income tax, and will take the "average amount that your profession owes in California" unless you take steps to let them know that you have not had any California earnings. Each and every year.

How to Keep Lotion from Drying Out in the Pump (This article has 4 comments)
Here is how to stop lotion from developing that plug of dried lotion in the tip of a pump dispenser bottle. I mean, what's the point of the convenience of a pump bottle if the pump gets clogged with that plug of dried lotion, right?? Some day somebody is going to invent a clog-free pump, but until then, here is how to keep lotion from drying out and clogging up the pump with that annoying plug of lotion.

New Spork Lets You Really Talk Out Of Both Sides of Your Mouth (comments)
This utensil could only have been invented by the Marquis de Spork. The typical spork, perhaps best known as the white plastic utensil that accompanies take out orders from KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), is a spoon with tines like a fork at the tip.

An Open Letter to “Mother Earth News” (This article has 2 comments)
Dear Mother Earth News: I was shocked - and very *very* disappointed - to open this month's issue and find a full page advertisement for cigarettes, of all things! I'm referring to the ad for "Natural American Spirit" cigarettes that appeared near the back of the August/September 2008 issue.

Do New Yorkers Walk Fast or is Everybody Else Just Slow? (This article has 1 comment)
I walk quickly. I always have. I chalk it up to being a New Yorker. Because, you know, New Yorkers walk fast. We're busy people, and we have places to go, and things to see.

FDA Won’t Put Warning on Epilepsy Drugs Despite 80% Increase in Suicide Risk (This article has 3 comments)
In news of the disgusting, the FDA today decided not to put a warning on 11 epilepsy drugs known to increase suicidal thoughts and tendancies by at least 80%!!! (Some reports put the increase at 100%.)

When Something is Copyright-Infected (comments)
I heard for the first time today - honest-to-gawd - the term "copyright infected". This was, of course, in the context of whether people should be allowed to download files that are unpermitted duplicates of works which are, you know, copyright protected.. er.. infected... er..something.

Telemarketing Calls within 3 Hours of Hooking Up the Telephone (comments)
The winners for the "slime who phone spammed us when our phone line wasn't even 24 hours old" are: 501-217-3296 Market Strategies, 720-214-3122 Affordable Security, and 515-369-5701 Viking Magazine. Oh, and 203-365-9666 (number unknown, darn!) On day #2 800-845-2074 started calling us.

Stupid Tobacco Delivery Law Tries to Stop Minors from Buying Cigarettes on the Internet by Making the Delivery Services (UPS, FedEx) Responsible! (comments)
We all know that minors buying cigarettes on the Internet is a problem. This is in large part because a) companies that sell cigarettes on the Internet can't know the age of the person ordering them, and b) many companies that sell cigarettes on the Internet don't care if the person ordering them is a minor. But passing a Tobacco Delivery Law, such as the state of Maine has done, that makes the delivery companies, such as UPS, FedEx, and the like, responsible for delivering the cigarettes to a minor has to be one of the most stupid, dunderheaded things I've heard in a long time.

Headsets and iPod Cases for Toddlers?? Give me a break!! The Tadpole Headset and Case is a TadDisgusting! (This article has 3 comments)
Can you believe it?? The Tadpole headset and iPod case for children - toddlers!! Earphones for kids! It's just disgusting! Here's a picture of it and more information.