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“I Swear I Heard a Strange Popping Noise as Her Brain Misfired” (This article has 1 comment)
The below, recounting 4th year medical student _Haliax_ witnessing his attending physician's interaction with a mother who did not want to vaccinate her children because, you know, 9/11, chemtrails, and other conspiracy theories including vaccine conspiracies, has been making the rounds of the Internet (Facebook, etc.) as a screenshot. So of course, before posting it, I wanted to verify the authenticity of that screenshot, and of the source. I have now done so.

Anne’s Tips for How to Get Along with Just One Hand (comments)
These are my tips for temporarily (or permanently) living with just one hand. A few weeks ago I broke my wrist (or, rather, had it broken for me). In the few short weeks since that fateful night, I have learned a number of tips and tricks (or "hacks", in Internet parlance) that have made it much, MUCH easier for me to adapt to only being able to use one hand. So I figured I would share them in case others find themselves in the same situation. In fact, I have been sharing some of them on Facebook and people seem to find them useful, or at least interesting.

Here’s What Moon Juice Means by a Small Spoonful or Heaping Spoonful (comments)
Moon Juice, purveyor of incredible plant-sourced edible dusts and powders to enhance beauty, spirit, sleep, brain function, and even sex, ships their powders and dusts with instructions to use either a "small spoonful," a "spoonful," or a "heaping spoonful." But what exactly do they mean by a "spoonful"? Is it a teaspoon? A tablespoon? Something else? Well, I found out directly from MoonJuice.

Yay, Atenolol Makes My Cat Thirsty and Pee Everywhere (comments)
Is atenolol making your cat urinate everywhere and also very thirsty? Inappropriate urination is not listed as a side effect of atenolol (frequently misspelled as 'atenelol'), and so your vet may not believe you that your cat started peeing everywhere and became crazy-thirsty while on atenolol (Tenormin), but I believe you.

Just What is Corset Waist Training? Let Me Explain (comments)
Today I came across the term "corset waist training", which of course led me to wonder "What is corset waist training??" If you, like me, are wondering just what is corset waist training (also known as "tightlacing"), well you're in luck, because I've figured (no pun intended) it out for you.

How to Get Rid of Static in Your Hair in 3 Easy Steps (comments)
During the winter months, especially for those of us with very fine hair, getting rid of static electricity in our hair can be a real problem. Off comes the hat, and out come the flyaways - enough static in your hair to make it look like you've got your hand on an invisible Van De Graaff generator. Here's how to remedy staticy hair in 3 easy steps.

How to Pack Padded, Fitted or Formed Bras for Travel in Your Luggage (comments)
Go to any high end department or lingerie store and you will get the same advice: don't fold your padded, formed, or fitted bras with the cups nesting in each other! By turning one cup inside-out, you will damage and ultimately break down that cup. So just how are you supposed to pack your padded or fitted bras in your luggage? Here's how I do it.

How the Government Knows if You Have Health Insurance (comments)
How does the government know whether you have health insurance? A lot has been made of the government mandate, under the Affordable Care Act ("ACA"), or "ObamaCare", that everybody has to have health insurance, or pay a penalty. This penalty is known as the "shared responsibility penalty". But how do they know?

Vegetarian and Vegan Hemorrhoid Treatment (comments)
Conscientious vegetarians and vegans who are having problems with hemorrhoids have for years had nowhere to turn for hemorrhoid relief. Most if not all hemorrhoid ointments and hemorrhoid creams (in fact, generally all hemorrhoid products) contained, among other things, shark oil (technically shark liver oil). The best known hemorrhoid ointment, Preparation H, was infamous for its use of shark's liver oil. Now, however, we are happy to report, there are several hemorrhoid treatments from Preparation H that not only do not contain shark oil, but are completely vegan, and all of them are vegetarian.

Postpartum Fear of Flying (comments)
It's like the unholy love child of Brooke Shields and Erica Jong: postpartum fear of flying. It turns out that while nobody talks about post partum fear of flying, and while post-partum fear of flying doesn't even seem to be a recognized "diagnosis", lots of people - mothers in particular, but also fathers, experience a new and sudden onset fear of flying once they become parents. It starts post partum, but it lasts for years. If you suffer or have suffered from postpartum fear of flying, read on, and share your story!