Free Printable Bird Decal to Deter Birds from Flying into Your Window

The other day I went searching online for a predatory bird silhouette that I could download, print, cut out, and tape to my windows to keep birds from flying into the window. I was shocked that one was not easy to find, so I created one and here you go!

I have had bird tape on my windows for a few years, and generally it works okay, but every once in a while I still hear that “THUMP!” of a bird flying into a window. And always with my heart in my mouth, I slowly go and open the door, and peer out, dreading what I will see.

This happened again just yesterday, and while there was no sign of a bird in distress anywhere near the window into which it had flown, I just wanted to stop it from happening.

Hence my online search for a bird decal that I could download and print. And, as I mentioned before, I was astonished that there was nothing out there, at least that I could find. And I’m pretty good at searching on the Internet, so if it was difficult for me to find, I have to imagine others are having the same trouble.

So here you go, feel free to download this bird decal, print it out, trim it, and tape it to your window!

To download your free bird decal for your window click on the image below and save the full-size image to your computer

bird window decal

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How to Keep Lotion from Drying Out in the Pump

Here is how to stop lotion from developing that plug of dried lotion in the tip of a pump dispenser bottle. I mean, what’s the point of the convenience of a pump bottle if the pump gets clogged with that plug of dried lotion, right?? Some day somebody is going to invent a clog-free pump, but until then, here is how to keep lotion from drying out and clogging up the pump with that annoying plug of lotion.

The secret is to get a package of rubber chair tips (I use 3/4 inch tips) which you can pick up at any hardware store for a few dollars.

Rubber Chair Tips
rubber chair tips


You just slip one over the tip of the pump, and your lotion stays nice lotiony. No more dried-up lotion plugs!

Rubber Chair Tips Keep Lotion from Drying Out in Pump
how to keep lotion from drying out in pumps


chair tip on lotion pump


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