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Free Printable Bird Decal to Deter Birds from Flying into Your Window (comments)
The other day I went searching online for a predatory bird silhouette that I could download, print, cut out, and tape to my windows to keep birds from flying into the window. I was shocked that one was not easy to find, so I created one and here you go!

How to Keep Lotion from Drying Out in the Pump (This article has 4 comments)
Here is how to stop lotion from developing that plug of dried lotion in the tip of a pump dispenser bottle. I mean, what's the point of the convenience of a pump bottle if the pump gets clogged with that plug of dried lotion, right?? Some day somebody is going to invent a clog-free pump, but until then, here is how to keep lotion from drying out and clogging up the pump with that annoying plug of lotion.