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She Has a Face Like Me (comments)
For some reason I was really struck by this exchange that I overheard at the park a few days ago. There was a young boy, maybe 6 or 7 or, at most, 8 years old. And he got separated from his mom. And he couldn't find her and he was getting anxious.

Our Copperopolis Anniversary – Staying at Saddle Creek in Copperopolis (comments)
As you know from earlier posts, this was our copper anniversary. What you, and my husband, didn't know, was that part of my gift to him this year was an overnight trip to historic Copperopolis, home of the copper rush in California, staying at the gorgeous Saddle Creek resort.

My New Girl! (This article has 2 comments)
Did you all see yesterday's picture of the day? I am so excited! I have finally got the old Volvo 240 wagon that I have been wanting for years!

Father’s Day (comments)
My father passed away unexpectedly in 1989. It was the end of June. I had just graduated from university, and it was the week that I was packing and moving out to California for law school.

Happy Fathers’ Day, Dad (comments)
This is a picture of my dad (and me), a long time ago. I miss him terribly.

Bad Mom (This article has 4 comments)
Today I lost it. It's true, and I'm ashamed to admit it, but I lost it. Months of being laid up and impeded with an injured back, having had no time - at all - to myself, everybody wanting and needing ...

But Honey, the Law Says That I HAVE to To Watch All Those Nubile, Naked Teenagers! (comments)
Now here's an interesting twist. A judge in Virginia last week upheld a law which requires parents to accompany their teenage children to an all-teen nudist camp as a condition of the teen being allowed to attend.

Putting the “juice” in Brahmastra juice (comments)
We're all sick here at Chez Devil. That yukky crud kinda sick where your sinuses pound and you cough up a lung an hour. Yuck. So what to do? Well, I'm going to share a little secret with you. Back during my ashram ...